My Christmas gifts to the Savior

This year, I’ve thought of gifts to give to Jesus.

A Heart of Gold

As I continue my life journey and try each day to live according to the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, my heart becomes more pure. The trials of life soften me and teach me mercy. The Holy Spirit helps me feel Gods love, which increases my desire to love everyone around me. As I experience how living the commandments of God results in blessing and joy, I lose my desire to sin. Slowly, over more than a lifetime, my heart is becoming golden. You know, like those people you meet who are so sweet and wonderful that you can’t help loving them.

Prayers like Frankincense

God loves me. He loves all of his children. He gives me His word to help guide my life. Sometimes I don’t thank Him often enough. For Christmas, I will pray a little more often. Little prayers sent heavenward throughout the day. Perhaps talking to God as my Father, who wants to know how I feel. Sharing my joys along with my frustrations. Asking for guidance. Asking how I can help do His work. Praying to be more like the person He can help me become.

My life’s Myrrh

If I consider the example of Jesus Christ, he gave his life–all of it–to save us. There is no way to repay His gift. The whole purpose of Jesus’ mission results from the impossibility of our situation. If I follow His example, the most I can do is give my life to Him. It’s not a payback, but “our wills constitute all we really have to give God anyway.” He said, “Come, follow me.” In trying to do so, my life is completely different. Lived differently. That is my gift to God.


Wise men gifts
“There came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.”


Finding the Christmas Spirit

Chrismas wreathAt this time of year, we’re all trying to feel that special ZING that means Christmas is here. More than anything, we have to stop and think and feel before the Christmas spirit comes into our hearts.

The greatest manifestation of God’s love for His children is the mortal ministry, atoning sacrifice, and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. –Elder David A Bednar

This Christmas, in order to feel the Christmas Spirit

serve others. Spend more time thinking about what to give to others than what to ask for. At the beginning of December, share treats with neighbors. Take some to someone who doesn’t usually get a visit.

share your testimony of Jesus Christ.  Ponder the nativity story, read inspiring Christmas stories, and sing Christmas songs. Do this with your children. Included them in baking treats, visiting others, and attending church. We watched the Grinch movie–it has a great message about experiencing a change of heart. That message is Christmas-y because the only way men are able to change and become better is through the atonement of Jesus Christ.

sing those special songs that talk about Jesus. The ones you don’t hear on the radio as often. When you feel the Holy Spirit, you feel the Christmas Spirit. I felt it when singing with the choir.  I felt it when singing in the congregation. I felt it when singing at home, and when reading about love and service in Christmas stories. I felt it when reading my scriptures. I felt it when other people have served me or shared their testimonies of Christ.

I wonder that our Father in Heaven would send his most Beloved Son into the world in poor, almost miserable circumstances. I feel like it was a message of love from Father and Son that we are never forgotten, no matter how humble our own lives are.

This Christmas, if you feel the Christmas Spirit, share the Gift.